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7-7-2011 UPDATE

Greetings! We have some unfortunate news regarding the pre-orders and merch as things were beyond our control and fell through completely. You can still purchase/donate and we will send you the High Quality Download of the E.P. We hope to have better luck next time with merch packages on our upcoming full-length! Special Thanks to Bryon Fent for his generous donation, definitely helps us broke metal heads \m/


4-26-2011 UPDATE

Greetings!  Things are progressing quite well, and we are nearing the release date very soon.  In one week we will be streaming a NEW track off the release so stay tuned and check in often!  Keep it Brutal \m/


4-2-2011 UPDATE

Incongruous is pleased to announce our debut album will be released June 15, 2011!!!  Get your hands on a copy of the Cosmic Brutality today!  Special Pre-order packages are available in the "Store" section and include CD+Shirt+More for only $20 shipped to your door!  Thank you everyone for your patience in waiting for this we will not let you down!  

Incongruous was conceived mid October 2008 as a project of Alexander Belmontez (Guitar) and Manuel Hernandez (Drums) with the intention to play the most brutal and intense Death Metal possible.  Soon after, Thor became the full-time vocalist, completing the trio and solidifying Incongruous' sound.  

The Band has been hard at work these past couple years writing, and composing as often as possible in midst of the chaos we call life.  Instrument recording for the album was completed late 2010, and we are pleased to be in the final stages of production.  

The wait is almost over... \m/